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Oil pipeline introduction

WH-STEEL is a foreign trade enterprise based on the manufacture of pipeline equipment products. Our production base is located in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China's pipe capital, and we have set up a marketing center in Beijing International Trade CBD, the capital of China. Relying on good incentive policies and foreign trade situations, WH-STEEL has been operating in more than 40 countries around the world for many years, and has become a loyalty of hundreds of companies such as Sinopec, Uzbekistan National Oil and Gas Company, Russian LUKOIL Petroleum, British BP Petroleum Partner. With the vigorous development of oil pipeline engineering, a lot of challenges and opportunities follow, we will redouble our efforts to shape the WH-STEEL brand into a benchmark in the field of pipeline equipment products.

Wind power generation flange

WH-STEEL has professional flange manufacturing equipment, which can produce 6-meter wind power flange. According to the use environment of the wind power flange, we choose the low-alloy high-strength steel as the material, and make clear that the requirement of heat treatment is normalizing. Normalizing technology can improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of the forging flange by refining the grains, homogenizing the structure, improving the structure defects. So that it can fully meet the needs of wind turbine generator.

WH-STEEL new website launched

WH-STEEL is a professional large-scale manufacturing enterprise, the company sets research and development, production, sales, quality inspection and after-sales service in one, the main products include flange, tee, elbow, elbow, cap and other pipe equipment products.Over the years since its establishment, the company has developed its business and now more than 100 customers from more than 30 countries and regions have become WH-STEEL's loyal partners.
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Factory Add

Мобильный телефон:+86 157 2731 7311
Электронная почта: sales@whsteelfittings.com

Маркетинговый центр Адрес:промышленная зона Чжэнган, уезд Яншань, город Цанчжоу, провинция Хэбэй

Factory Add

Мобильный телефон: +86 157 2731 7311
Телефон:+86 10 5716 3742
Электронная почта:  sales@whsteelfittings.com

Маркетинговый центр Адрес:комната 8013, здание Фуян Хунянь, Шилихэ, район Чаоян, Пекин


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