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The role of alloy elbow


Alloy elbow due to the composition and structural characteristics of Rα carbide, as well as the solid solution content of Cr matrix has strong heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and then add Mo to make it show good corrosion resistance Wear resistance in high temperature or corrosive environment. Adding a certain amount of rare earth, making the alloy structure more compact , the surface layer of protective film to prevent the carbon oozing. Alloy elbow increased wear resistance, corrosion resistance; containing a certain amount of boron to make the alloy hardness, can not be changed with carbon hardness can be completed, the alloy elbow also contains a certain amount of Mn increased impact fatigue resistance of the alloy , Make the 

wear resistance of alloy is superior to high-chromium alloy and rare earth alloy.

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Alloy elbow

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