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What kind of Forge Fitting is good


For complex shapes, especially parts with complex lumens, they are typically machined using a cast method. Forge Fitting has more adaptable parts and  good overall mechanical properties.

The mechanical load, the working conditions of the critical parts, in addition to the shape of the more available rolled sheet, profile or welded parts, the use of more Forge Fitting. By forging to eliminate loose castings of metal, welding holes, mechanical properties of Forge Fitting generally better than the same material with other parts of the process.

We also mainly supply 90°5D Bend with 3LPE,Seamless stub end and so on. If you need ,welcome to contact us.

Forge Fitting

Elbow Packaging Elbow Packaging Показать больше
Mitre Bend with 3LPE Mitre Bend with 3LPE Показать больше
45°Bend with 3LPE 45°Bend with 3LPE Показать больше
30° 4D  Bend 30° 4D Bend Показать больше
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